10 Skincare yang Wajib Dibawa saat Honeymoon

Every woman would want to look beautiful anytime and anywhere, including when the honeymoon. Not only for yourself, look beautiful when honeymoon is also important to be able to spoil the eyes of the couple. 

10 Compulsory Skincare at Honeymoon

HONEYMOON is a long-awaited moment after such a tiring wedding process. As a highly anticipated moment, various preparations ranging from airfare to accommodation have even been booked long ago. 

But, in addition to thinking about your travel accommodations, always look beautiful when the honeymoon is also important loh ladies . Look beautiful when the honeymoon will make your mood always happy during a romantic vacation at once can spoil the eyes of the couple with a look that is always fresh. 

Well, to always be beautiful when the honeymoon, there are 10 skin care products or skin care that you must bring. Anything? Check out the full review below

1. Sunscreen or Sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important to use when you're on the go, let alone honeymoon . If you will spend the day outdoors or in an open space, sunscreen serves to protect your skin from the dangers of sunlight and free radicals that cause signs of premature aging and black spots on the face.

In choosing sunscreen , do not forget to adjust the SPF, the more often the intensity of exposure to sunlight, then you should choose SPF also bigger like SPF 50 or SPF 60.


2. Makeup Remover or Cleanser

Cleanser becomes the first order of skincare that you must bring when honeymoon . Especially if you choose to visit the outdoor places , your face will automatically easily exposed to dust and dirt. Moreover, the former makeup that has been attached almost full day. It should not be missed, always clean the face to keep skin maintained and look beautiful when honeymoon .

3. BB Cream

You can maximize face protection by using BB Cream. BB cream that is in the market generally also have SPFnya, but SPF offered quite small range SPF 20 hinga SPF 30 course.

Not only does it help protect facial skin from UVA and UVB sunlight when outdoors, it also has a coverage that is able to disguise your facial skin imperfections like disguise of acne scars.

4. Dry Shampoo

To look beautiful when honeymoon , sometimes we forget or lazy to wash your hair. If you do not have time or forgetfulness, you can use dry shampoo aka dry shampoo. Functions the same as the shampoo in general, but dry shampoo does not use water.

5. Deodorant

If your fun holiday agenda is often filled with outdoor activities   that drain energy and sweat, would be very unpleasant tour around the tourist attractions with bad odor. Therefore, to keep looking beautiful when honeymoon , you must once bring deodorant to keep your appearance in front of the couple.

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6. Face oil control

For those of you who have skin tend to oily, this item is required to be put into the bag. This paper is a special paper to absorb excess oil on the face, especially in the T-zone. Simply by gluing paper on oily skin and wait a while until the oil is absorbed.

7. Perfume

traveling on a romantic trip with your partner, a bottle of perfume will definitely save your day. When the clothes begin to smell of dust and pollution, or sweat, you can spray the perfume in the body to refresh the body aroma.

To keep the mood awake, choose perfume with favorite fragrance or refreshing like citrus and other floral aroma. For a soothing impression, vanilla aroma can be the right choice.

Do not forget to re-spray perfume when the body smell is not fragrant anymore. But besides spraying perfume must also see the type of perfume itself, whether cologne , eau de toilette or eau de perfume.

8. Moisturizer

Dry face due to extreme temperature changes will not happen if you always use a facial cream or a moisturizer while on vacation. Not only on the face, you can also use a moisturizer on the skin of the feet and hands, even lips with a moisturizer applying such as lip balm .

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9. Compact Powder

To set or lock the makeup on your face, you can use compact powder, because the shape is likely to be practically carried from the powder. In addition, some compact powder even provides sponge and glass so it can facilitate the application of powder on your face.

10. Serum

Facial serum contains higher concentrates than other moisturizers. You can use serum when you want to travel or to sleep. Serum administration can be used before you use facial moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.

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